Freebie: iPhone Wallpaper

Once and a while, we post a free hand-drawn and completely original iPhone wallpaper download, designed by us, just for you. Here are some of our favorites, updated for the iPhone 6!


Steps to setting your new wallpaper (from your phone):

1. Save the image to your camera roll.

2. Go to your photos and select the image, then tap the small icon in the bottom left corner with the upward facing arrow.

3. Tap "Use as Wallpaper"

4. Select "Still" instead of "Perspective" and zoom all the way in.

5. We recommend using the image as the lock screen, as it's not really legible as a home screen behind all your app icons.

That's it, enjoy your new Wallpaper!

(Obviously, no part of this artwork/download is to be resold or used for any purpose other than the one for which it was intended - thanks!)