Modern Calligraphy & Lettering Pro Class

Have you ever been to an art supply store and wanted to buy all the things, you just weren't sure what most of them were, or how to use them (and of course, art supplies are expensive, so you don't want to buy the wrong things)? We get it!

Have you seen a handmade card, wall print, or place card on instagram or etsy and thought to yourself, "I wish I could write like that"? You can!

There are tons of great letterers and calligraphers out there (searching the hashtag #moderncalligraphy on instagram alone yields over 100,000 results), but where else can you learn calligraphy from the pros and ALSO try out watercolor pens, brush pens, and paint markers too? Our Pro Class, that's where!

Our first Pro Class, Modern Calligraphy & Lettering, is coming soon and we are so excited! This is a class for beginners interested in learning the basics of modern calligraphy and lettering in your own unique style. You will walk away from this class with your own calligraphy supplies, plus we'll also bring brush pens, paint markers, and watercolor pens so you can try out your lettering style with various mediums. No more intimidating art supplies... Can't wait to see you there!