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This is Laura

She will be your main contact, helping answer any questions you have, and providing you with pricing (because everyone's needs are different, every quote is different too).

If you decide to move forward and work with us, you'll continue to work with Laura throughout the design process. First, we'll go over your timeline, wording and design ideas, then she will create your first round of proofs, which you'll receive via e-mail. From there, you exchange feedback and revisions until the design is perfect and you approve your order for printing!

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How to Reach Us

We don't have a phone number posted because we prefer to interact in writing for many reasons:

  • the details we discuss will be in writing so whether you book with us a few days or a few months later, we can all reference the conversation and details easily
  • your pricing will be in writing, which is great because we can all reference those details easily as well
  • it's really tough to stay in creative/design mode with the phone always ringing, whereas with email we can check in between our design jobs
  • it makes our artsy little introverted hearts happy not to be put on the spot too often ;)

We no longer maintain a storefront, but if you would like to see samples of our work or our papers, you can order those HERE. We have one of the most unique jobs within the world of wedding vendors in that we can do what we do from anywhere and we are able to keep regular office hours because we aren't involved with the day of the wedding. We're masters of efficiency – we value your time and our own very much – and would prefer to spend as much time as possible designing beautiful things for you. In-person meetings take a lot of time, including sitting in traffic (not super efficient) and since only about half of our brides live nearby, we don't typically have an opportunity to meet with most of our clients at all. We have had no problem communicating with and designing for brides from Santa Monica to New York City or from Dublin to Hong Kong over the years. Once we discuss pricing via email, if you would like to schedule a phone appointment to discuss your design or ask additional questions (and know that we are actually human) we are happy to!